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High-temperature and high-pressure control valve life doubled

In the 1970s, various problems arose in the operation of domestic power plants and large ships, such as high maintenance costs due to reliance on foreign imports and increased inventory costs due to long delivery times.

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High-temperature and high-pressure control valve life doubled

Excellence Award in Commercialization Technology Category Park Moses, CEO of Daedong Metal Industry

Park Moses, CEO of Daedong Metal Industries, developed a technology that extends the lifespan of high-temperature and high-pressure control valves used in power generation facilities.

This is the first time that the technology to improve the durability of control valve parts has been localized using a complex surface treatment method.

With the development of this product, Daedong Metal Industries has increased the replacement cycle of ‘internal parts’, which are high-temperature and high-pressure valve parts, from 5 years to 10 years.

A company official said, “We are developing surface treatment technology in the automobile field, but it is the first time that we have developed surface treatment technology for products used in harsh environments of high temperature and high pressure, such as power generation facilities.” CEO Park said, “We are expecting the effect of reducing foreign currency through technology localization.”

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