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Received a commendation from the Minister of Industry at ‘2021 Korea Industry Fair’

In the 1970s, various problems arose in the operation of domestic power plants and large ships, such as high maintenance costs due to reliance on foreign imports and increased inventory costs due to long delivery times.

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Received a commendation from the Minister of Industry at ‘2021 Korea Industry Fair’

Daedong Metal Co., Ltd. CEO Mose Park received a commendation from the Minister of Industry at the ‘2021 Korea Industry Fair’

Park Moses, CEO of Daedong Metal Industries, an industrial bearing manufacturer, received a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy at the ‘2021 Korea Industrial Exhibition’ opening ceremony held at KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 in Ilsan on October 19 at the ‘Mechanical Robot Aviation Industry Development Contribution Awards’. has been awarded

CEO Mose Park is recognized for his contributions to the development of the machinery industry through R&D such as boron nitriding treatment of steel materials and high-alloy steel, localization of pump shaft sleeve continuous unloader chains, bearings for ship engines, bearings for power plant turbines, and other valve repair technologies. received.

Daedong Metal Industry Co., Ltd., a representative bearing manufacturer in Korea, has steel plant bearings such as POSCO, metal bearings for nuclear power plant turbines and generators, thermal power plant high-industry turbines, medium and low pressure bearings, super critical pressure bearings, hydroelectric power plant bearings, pump and We are mass producing bearings for fans, motors, seals, bearings for marine engines, valves and accessories.

In particular, Daedong Metal Industry Co., Ltd., certified as a company specializing in parts and materials, has developed high value-added products used in steel mills, shipyards, power plants, etc. through various alloy steel material research and processing technology development, and is recognized for its quality by leading domestic conglomerates.

On the other hand, Daedong Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1982, localized and developed bearings for steel facilities and ships in the 1980s, and in 2009, developed 3rd generation metal bearings that are wear-resistant and always applied with new technology. Daedong Metal Industry Co., Ltd., which has obtained various certifications such as venture business certification, Innobiz certification, and parts and material specialized company, is expanding its business to nuclear power and thermal power generation, and is striving to develop high value-added products.

Taking this award as an opportunity, Daedong Metal Industry Co., Ltd. plans to focus on developing existing alloy steel materials and related processing technologies to pioneer the global market.

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