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“Close to Customers” is the tagline we use. However, all Daedong Metal personnel view it as an integral part of WE, who are united in Daedong Metal, and not as a partner (I & YOU: You and I) or a client. Knowing that our clients’ requirements are our fundamental value, we are making a lot of effort to become a single entity with them.

  1. When it comes to the work of “creating a real-time organization” (REAL-TIME ORGANIZATION) in collaboration with customers, we will not hesitate to take customer needs into consideration as our value.
  2. We will fully utilize the technology of strategic thought and action that takes place in a “ultra-short cycle” as a catalyst for change.
  3. We will try our best to use and use the inherent value of a network that is connected to our consumers wherever they are, both online and offline.

Daedong Metal is positioned in the minds of our clients as the hub where cutting-edge strategies for achieving corporate success are conceived and implemented.

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we have been helping our clients for their competitiveness

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Small but mighty, this enterprise promises scarcity and continuity as a maker of metal bearings for use in power generating and ship drives.

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product guide to use for a long time and maintain performance.

Gaining knowledge and skill in the areas of energy generation and logistics transportation will allow for sustained development and expansion.

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